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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to try out a Terafloat.

TERAFLOAT                                       swiss made

Light-Weight Perfection

terafloat in use



floating with Terafloat



The new Swissvet TERAFLOAT combines 15 years of experience with Swiss engineering.

The Terafloat has all the features a dental float ought to have: it is light weight, battery powered, with a flexible shaft, a rotating head, and interchangeable discs or burrs. It is water resistant, maintenance free, durable and affordable. It represents a new generation of dentistry instruments for routine or advanced procedures. Designed and manufactured in Switzerland.

The Terafloat has been available for over a little over two years and enjoys great popularity. It is a great instrument for routine dentistry and users particularly appreciate the light weight, the built in LED lights and the simple and durable construction .

We are excited to offer a few additions in 2017:

  • The Terafloat motor has a new lock for the variable speed trigger.

  • The Terafloat head now comes with the option to use the grinding disk with or without a disc guard.

  • A short shaft for incisor work with a large diamond coated grinding/cutting wheel.

  • A slimline shaft with built in LED lights and a well guarded diamond burr. Its low profile design makes it perfect for ponies or other cases where space is restricted.
    These new shafts fit the standard Terafloat motor and they will be available very soon.

  • A more economic solution is now awailable with the Eco version. This model carries the same components with the exception of the shaft: instead of LED aluminum shaft the insrument uses a simple stainless steel shaft.

  • Three Eco shafts are available: Eco straight, Eco curved and EcoTurnflex. This model uses a more affordable motor without the LED wiring.

  • The Eco version has its own Ponyshaft as well, without the LED lighting this shaft is more affordable. The sets with two shafts are called Eco combo sets.


Eco and LED shaft

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Motor: cordless with variable speed; powerful Lithium batteries. New trigger lock.

Terafloat uses a 12V Milwaukee motor with a variable speed trigger. The motor features an electronic shut-off protection when the grinding disk is blocked. The instrument is light weight, balanced, and designed to be used with one hand. The free hand may help in guiding the instrument.

The motor is fitted with M12 Li-ion batteries, (2.0Ah or 4.0Ah), and it has a LED light indicator for the remaining charge of the batteries. The battery charger has a plug that fits into a regular 120V wall plug as well as into a 12V cigarette lighter of a car.

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Terafloat triger lock


Shaft: built-in LED light, Turnflex joint mechanism

The shaft is light weight with three built-in LED lights to illuminate the horse’s mouth during floating. The light stays on for five seconds after the trigger has been released to further examine the oral cavity. The shaft has a patent pending turnflex ® mechanism that allows the shaft to be straight or, with a twist of your finger, to be changed to a 6 degree angle.

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Terafloat light LED


Head: water resistant, maintenance free, rotates

The head is easily changed and is attached to the shaft in a way that allows it to be rotated in 90 degree increments. The grinding disks can easily be interchanged. Several grinding disks or burrs are available. The head is water resistant and maintenance free. No lubrication is needed.



A disc guard is available for the Terafloat diamond disc. This provides extra protection and is appreciated by some users. The disc can still be exchanged, but the disc guard is limiting the maneuverability of other burrs. The guard is therefore recommended only when a second head is available for the apple core burr.

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New Terafloat head shape

new disc guard for Terafloat


Grinding disc and burrs

Different grinding disks and burrs are available: A coarse diamond disc (with a smooth border = T2 for use without the disc guard; or without the round border when used with the disc guard = T3), a medium  apple core burr, a long apple core burr, a large cylindrical burr and a short and a long cylindrical diastema burr.  These discs or burrs are easily changed. All grinding disks are diamond coated and made in Switzerland.
Please contact Swissvet if you would like to have a custom made grinding burr for your specific needs.

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different Terafloat burr


New: Incisor shaft

A brand new item is available early 2017: the incisor shaft. It is used best with the motor with the trigger locking mechanism. Lighweight design this shaft is made for detailed work on incisor teeth. A large diamond coated disk is used to grind or cut off and it provides an excellent tool for advanced corrective procedures.

please be aware of the risk of excessive tooth correction such as opening the pulp or overheating the tooth while grinding. The diamond coated disk works fast and has a minimal risk for damage, but the 30 second working rule should be applied.

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incisor shaft

detail incisor shaft


New: Pony shaft

Different grinding disks and burrs are available: A coarse diamond disc (with a smooth border = The new pony shaft with a diamond coated burr and a clever protection allows work in tight spaces - either in small horses, ponies or miniature horses; and is equally suited in the caudal area of horses with tall hooks.

The pony shaft has three LED lights built in just like the classic Terafloat shaft which illuminates the grinding area. A clever addition to the Terafloat series. 

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pony shaft for Terafloat

Pony shaft for Terafloat

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to try out a Terafloat.

The new Terafloat is now available

user manual


The Terafloat has been designed by Swissvet, it is engineered and manufactured in Switzerland and proudly assembled and serviced in the USA