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A dentistry expert should take care of our horse's teeth

Equine dentistry in the US has changed tremendously with the introduction of the Swissfloat and other power tools in 2000. A domain, neglected by veterinarians for years, suddenly revived and is now an important part of preventative and curative equine medicine.

For Service in Kentucky: Dr. Jack Easley

For Service in Tennessee: Dr. Ruedi Steiger





Easley is an active member of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), having served on various committees, as a lecturer and board member.  He is a member of the American Veterinary Dental Society, International College of Equine Veterinary Odontologists, American Veterinary Medical Association, Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association (current board member), Kentucky Association of Equine Practitioners (immediate past president), KY Veterinary Medical Association (equine liaison), Shelby Co. Chamber of Commerce (board), and Shelby Co. Community Foundation.

For over 30 years, Dr. Easley has lectured on and promoted equine veterinary dentistry throughout the world.  Dental programs on six continents prove him widely known and respected for his knowledge and expertise.  He has written numerous articles for publication in professional as well as lay equine journals, textbooks, and periodicals.  He serves on the editorial review boards for Equine Veterinary Eduction, Equine Veterinary Journal, and the Veterinary Dental Journal.  Dr. Easley is the co-editor and major contributor to Equine Dentistry, published in 1999 by Harcourt-Brace Publishing (Saunders); printed in Spanish and German in 2002.  The 2nd edition (Elsevier Publishing) of this textbook was published in October 2004 and the 3rd edition co-authored with Drs. Paddy Dixon and Jim Schumacher, was released September 2010.\

Dr. Easley has an equine practice in Shelbyville KY and will perform dentistry on your horses upon appointment.

Please do not hesitate to visit Dr. Easley's Website



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Powerdentistry has a long tradition in Europe. Dr. Steiger had been using Swissfloat back in Switzerland and introduced the instrument to the US market while finishing his residency in equine internal medicine.

Over ten years of practical experience refined Dr. Steiger's skills in equine dentistry. He has helped with the development of equine dentistry tools and he is teaching equine dentistry at universities and professional meetings.

Dr. Steiger has a wide selection of equine dentistry instrument for his practice, including the Swissfloat and the HDE instruments for advanced techniques.

Please do not hesitate to contact Swissvet if you would like to schedule dental work on your horses. Swissvet provides routine and advanced services on individual horses as well as efficient work on entire barns with interesting discounts.



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