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Find your accessories for equine dentistry with Swissvet


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new price Millenium type - full mouth speculum

Security and comfort : 22 safety clicks, long curved sides ensure an optimum comfort for both the patient & practitioner. This opening provides easy lateral accesses, useful in particular for the extraction of wolf teeth.

Stainless Steel Quality. Soft biothane straps. Feels like leather, but easier to clean.

The best Price/Quality Ratio available on the market.

swissvet Speculum





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new price

Standard - full mouth speculum

This model is a modified McPherson speculum, likely the most popular speculum used in equine dentistry.

It has 5 safety clicks, that allows you a good opening of the mouth with a maximum safety.

Stainless Steel Quality, polished. Biothane leather straps.

standard speculum


Full mouth speculum spreader

Designed for motorized dentistry.

In some horses, the limited space on the side between speculum and cheek, can cause difficulties when floating on upper molars on the buccal side.

The stainless steel speculum spreader keeps the sides of the speculum away from the cheek. Also it can be used to attach a rope to rise the head to an ergonomic level.





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Pony speculum - HDE full mouth speculum

Similar designed speculum like the Standard Speculum - but smaller sized for ponies.


Stainless Steel Quality, polished. Biothane leather straps.



pony speculum


Incisor plates

Different incisor plates are available for our full mouth speculum.

The standard plate (1)  is a popular solution. This plate has the contour of the incisors. A small ridge (arrow) is a barrier designed to prevent accidental slipping off the plate and at the same time it puts pressure on the gum which should cause the horse to keep the mouth open.

The use of wide and large incisor plates is a more recent development for full mouth speculums (2). Extended sides (double arrow) are recommended for motorized dentistry since they keep the speculum sides further away from the cheek allowing more space for grinding instruments. The large half-circle shaped contact surface helps to ensure safe contact even in horses with poor incisor alignment (overbite or old horses).

speculum plates





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new item

Full mouth speculum type Vienna

Designed by the European equine dentists H. Simhofer and J.P. Schramel from Vienna (Austria). Easy opening with a large central screw and large incisor contact plates are key feature of this safe an easy-to-use speculum.

Great for motorized dentistry. Large incisor plates increase safety and the opening mechanism is effortless. Stainless steel quality with leather or biothane straps. The speculum is made in Germany.

for more information, click here.

wien speculum

  Incisor Speculum Swissvet

Simple speculum for incisor work. Flexible PVC pipe with adjustable length bungee strap. Works great and is very gentle for the horse.

View the manual for details.



  Standard Dental Mirror

The dental mirror has become a standard tool for equine dentistry. Needed for thorough examination of interdental space, occlusal surface and soft tissue.

Stainless steel quality with T-handle for easy guidance.

dental mirror

new item Swissvet LED Dental Mirror - Illuminated

Dental mirror with built in LED light source. This mirror illuminates the examined area automatically, eliminating the use of cumbersome headlights.

Waterproof and light-weight with durable battery in the handle. Exclusively made by Dr. Fritz in Germany for Swissvet.


LED mirror

new item Dental Endoscope; Made by Dr. Fritz Germany

A dental endoscope is essential for thorough examination of the occlusal surface, interdental spaces and soft tissue structures in a horse's mouth. It is impeccable for client education and a great tool for record keeping.

The 90degree digital LED dental endoscope is built with a sturdy design and has a 120 field of vision. It is wireless, with circular LED lights and macro auto focus for distortion free pictures. The scope is waterproof.


see endoscope flyer







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Speculum Light LED - new item

Designed for the work with full mouth speculum.

The light is attached with magnets and provides optimal light with great comfort. Two type C batteries provide ample performance time.



  Head Stand Hoof Jack

Recommended tool for advanced dentistry. Adjustable height and an easy to clean head rest optimize floating ergonomics. The round base can be used for farrier / hoof work.

Sturdy and safe construction.

hoofjack stand

  Wolf Tooth Extraction sets

 A convenient selection of elevators and extraction forceps for wolf tooth extraction. The small set contain three elevators, and two small forceps and the large set includes three forceps and five elevators and one scalers


wolf toot set





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  Transport bag Swissfloat

Very practical item that protects the Swissfloat without adding another bulky tool to your truck.

Custom made in the USA. Washable padded transport bag with two handles and one side pocket. Velcro closure.

  Diamond Hand Float

Stainless steel quality hand float with diamond coated angled hand piece.

. Very practical and long lasting tool for finishing up the caudal buccal area.
Ideal for buccal side on 111 and 211






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