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Dr. Fritz Instruments

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Dr. Fritz from Germany offers the future of veterinary instruments today !


Please visit the Dr. Frtiz website for additional information regarding his endoscopy products.

Dr. Fritz GmbH was founded in 1993 as an independent manufacturer of endoscopic equipment and is located in Tuttlingen/ Southern Germany close to the heart of the Black Forest.

The company`s goal is to develop high quality instruments for diagnostics and treatment. Over the last decade Dr. Fritz has become an expert in the field of veterinary minimally invasive surgery. Under the best German-quality standards Dr. Fritz manufactures high precision equipment with highest functional and ergonomic qualities.

Surgeons and staff in practices and hospitals will benefit from instruments produced for the user which in turn will offer better patient care. We place great emphasis on continuing research and development offering new solutions under strict quality control.



Quality Control

This combination of product development and quality control enables the company as an independent manufacturer to produce affordable state-of-the-art technology with quality assurance.




 NEW: ETL3 - dynamic respiratory endoscopy

Our development of a laryngoscope for the exercising horse has revolutionized equine medicine.

The third  generation system ETL 3 combines company experience with the technical progress over the last decade. The instruments have become more compact and light weight with improved quality, which allows the examination of any horse during any type of training due to the 100% head mounting system.

Please contact Swissvet for more information and pricing - or if you are interested in a demo or would like for us to perform an examination for you.

Please click here for more information regarding ETL3 system


flyer ETL 3 (Dr. Fritz)


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    Digital LED Bronchoscope with Wireless module 


Dr. Fritz Endoscopy and Swissvet Veterinary Products are proud to introduce the new Wireless LED Bronchoscope for ambulatory practice!

This convenient and compact unit contains all the standard functions of a digital flexible endoscope, but it has a wireless option. The LED endoscope requires no external light source and utilizes existing equipment (TV or computer) as a monitor and/or recording unit.

If used with the wireless module a battery powers the endoscope and a hand held monitor is used to preview and store images or movies, enabling every equine practitioner to visually control endoscopic exams free from inconvenient and restricting cables.

Please call Swissvet for more information and pricing as well as for a demonstration of the instrument.  

Please click here for more information regarding the wireless Digital LED endoscopep

View the wireless video on YouTube



Bronchoscope wireless

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    Dental Endoscope "Dental Stick"

The Dr. Fritz dental endoscope is the no 1 endoscope for the dentistry specialist.

The instrument is durable, and with a wireless picture transmission the most practical solution on the marktet.



dental endoscope





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    LDA/RDA minimally invasive surgery in cattle


The Janowitz laparoscopy set is designed to correct displaced abomasum in cattle (L/RDA) via minimally invasive surgery. The procedure is performed in the non - medicated patient and it guarantees a save and quick recovery. The surgery has a high success rate with low recidivism due to an abomasopexy of the repositioned abomasums under visual control.

The basic set LAB 231 with a practical carrying case contains all components needed to perform standard  procedures. An optional 'Spieker-tool' is available for the advanced user to omit the step of the procedure where the patient is put in dorsal recumbency.

The instruments are made in Germany and meet the highest quality standards possible. The set is sturdy and designed to be used under field conditions. The set contains five improved safety toggles with a 35" durable double suture.

More information regarding the LDA/RDA endoscopy set

More information about the LDA minimally invasive surgery technique

LDA endoscopy system 





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